Spring JSF Primefaces Nice Template

This is a template project using latest Spring 3.2, latest JSF and latest Primefaces. It’s not just a hello world. It has some jsf templating in place, spring components, lombok annotation, primefaces interaction.
The project is using the port 9996. You also need JAVA 7 for it to run!
I also included a script, startTool.sh that does the entire deploy and run as easy as possible for you.
If you have anything you want to add to the tool or any other template you think might make your life easier then just leave a comment with these nice fantasies 🙂

For the source code go here: https://github.com/spauny/spring-jsf-primefaces-template
or just do git clone git@github.com:spauny/spring-jsf-primefaces-template.git

3 Steps to set up a temporary Jenkins server

Every now and then I’ve had to set up Jenkins (usually locally) either to test an idea out or because I’m waiting for one to be set up by the “Environments” team. Setting up Jenkins is pretty straight forward but it does have a foot print and can be troublesome further down the track if you don’t tidy up or forget about what resource its taking up. For example, Jenkins uses port 8080 by default. However this is a common port that is used by other web apps which mean you could end up with a conflict. (which is easy to fix if you remember installing Jenkins months ago or that it’s the app that’s using the port.)

One way of avoiding these sorts of problem is by setting up Jenkins in a virtual machine. This means you can quickly get everything up and running and tear it down quickly. And with the current tools this is easier to do than ever.

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